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At The Catering Dept. we are all about love for the environment and helping reduce our carbon footprint, which is why we pride ourselves on being a leading sustainable caterer. We're a carbon neutral business and have put a number of initiatives in place to ensure that we give back to the environment, and to lend mother nature a helping hand while feeding our corporate catering customers.

All of our catering meal prep is done in a way where there is zero waste, which means that we aren't contributing to landfill. TCD's packaging is sourced from Biopak, and is made from sustainable, recycled materials where possible. Biopak also share our company values of protecting the environment, and donate a portion of their sales back to programs such as environmental restoration initiatives both here in Australia and in New Zealand.

Another way we are helping our customers is through education and being more connected to the food they eat. We've implemented a grow program where for every catering order you make, we send out a complimentary Biopak container with a grow your own seed pouch & organic soil. You can plant the seed pack directly into the Biopak container and once the seeds start germinating their new plant can be transferred into a bigger container ready to grow & eat. Biopak's containers are ideal for this as the container you plant your seed into breaks down at roughly the same rate as germination, meaning that by the time you get to enjoy your greens the container will be composted.

TCD also support local farmers & producers, and encourage our customers to learn more about where their food has come from, and if it's sustainably grown. The landscape of fresh produce is changing, and more & more people are wanting to put a face to where their vegetables are grown, or to know where their meat is raised and be assured that it's ethical. We educate our customers on good nutrition and also share with them the stories of the local producers that we work with, which helps connect our customers to the land in which it's grown.

If you've got an environmental initiative that you think would suit our Sydney catering business, or if you'd like to learn more about our contribution to sustainable catering please contact us.

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